How To Sell A Fire Damaged House In Albuquerque

If your home has been damaged by a fire, your first task is to contact your insurance provider to discuss your coverage. Most home insurance policies will cover the value of the home as it was before the fire, but not after. If the building has been totally destroyed, your insurance company may settle your claim by paying the policy amount including the value of the contents of your home. In some cases, other expenses may be covered such as demolition and disposal fees.

It would be best to take a close look at your policy to decide whether or not you can benefit from any coverage available. If you’ve already settled with your insurance company and are left with a plot of land with a damaged house then you should consider a cash home buyer.

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Why wait? Why spend money on a damaged property or empty lot? The longer you hold on to the empty lot, the more it will cost in the long run. Don’t forget that you’ll owe property taxes on the assessed value of the original home even though the house is damaged.

Work With Your Insurance Company

You’ll need insurance and a fence around the property to keep unwanted guests off of the property and out of the house.

If your house is only damaged and not destroyed by the fire, the first things to consider are safety issues. Do not continue to inhabit the building until it has been thoroughly inspected and is determined to be safe for habitation. Fire can sometimes destroy hidden structural elements in a way that can be difficult to detect.

Safety Issues

Load-bearing elements such as overhead beams, corners, supporting studs, and foundation pillars may have been weakened by a fire, even if the fire was a minor one or limited to one part of the house.

Get A Free Cash Offer From An Investor

If a major part of the building has been destroyed such as one room or wall, you will need to replace it before selling. After taking care of safety concerns as well as zoning and permit requirements, contact an investor that buys fire damaged homes.

The best buyer for your home will be a local investor that specializes in rehabbing homes. First time home buyers will be difficult to work with because you’re going to have to disclose the damage to the property.

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